Female municipal police officers candidates tested on a difficult track
A physical exam was held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) for the recruitment of municipal police officers, in which only women participated. Female candidates who want to be municipal police officers are tested in 6 different phases.
Female candidates were taken to the parkour area one by one. The physical exam took place in 6 challenging stages such as carrying a water-filled can, passing through a tire, and lifting weights. Some of the candidates got exhausted in the course area and lay on the ground. Relatives of the candidates watched the exam outside the track area. Candidates will be entitled to become municipal police officers according to the average of the scores they get from the practice exam and the written exam. The practice exam will continue until 6 August.
“As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we opened an exam for the recruitment of 278 municipal police. Approximately 36,000 people applied for this exam. Evaluations were made among these applications and it was seen that 22,000 people were suitable for the conditions. We ranked these 22,000 people according to the KPSS exam ranking and invited 1,390 people to both the written and applied exams. We did the written exam last week. Since yesterday, we are holding a practical physical education exam. As a result of this exam, we will recruit 278 candidates. The most important part of this exam is that there is no interview. In other words, our young people will become municipal police officers with their efforts” said Engin Ulusoy who is the head of the municipal police department.
My exam was okay. It was already a decisive test. I tried to do my best. But carrying the six-packs of cans was very difficult for me. I completed the track in 1.20 seconds. I already wanted to be a municipal police officer. I am happy that I was called for the exam. People discriminate between men and women in every profession. Anything men can do, women can do too” said Gulden Cakir, who came to Istanbul from Afyonkarahisar to take the exam.


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